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Salesperson Requirements: You must complete 3 courses before applying for your California Salesperson License State Exam. WE Offer Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice Books and You Choose 1 Other Course from Our Selections Online: What this means: You must have all certificates of completion to receive your license EXAM DATE. You will have to complete all 3 courses before your scheduled salesperson EXAM and after you pass the State Exam then you will receive your California Real Estate Salesperson License. Call 800-721-0710 or CLICK HERE to order  To select your Salesperson course package you would like. Questions call 1-800-721-0710

HOW TO OBTAIN A BROKER'S LICENSE: To obtain a California Real Estate Broker License, the California Dept of Real Estate requires that you complete a minimum Eight courses. 5 are required and 3 are electives: 5 Required courses are: Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Economics or General Accounting, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Appraisals, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate. The Electives we offer which you only need to choose 3 are: Property Management, Mortgage loan Brokering, Escrows, and Real Estate Principles and Business Law.. In addition to completion of the above 8 course, you must have 2 years full-time verifiable experience as a real estate professional within the last 5 years or equivalent educational attainment. A four-year college degree from an accredited institution of higher learning can be used in lieu of the 2 year experience requirement. Please call the California Dept of Real Estate at one of the following numbers below at HELPFUL HINTS to obtain more specific information: or go their web site @  Concerning the broker license: AB1718. The bill authorize the commissioner to grant an original real estate broker’s license to an applicant who (1) has at least the equivalent of 2 years general real estate experience, (2) files a written petition with the Dept of Real Estate, which is approved by the commissioner, setting forth his or her qualifications and experience, and (3) passes an examination and satisfies other requirements. The bill would also authorize the commissioner to treat a degree from a 4-year college or university, with a major or minor in real estate, as the equivalent of 2 years general real estate experience. We Offer Multiple Course choices. To Order Click Here:  to order. Got Questions? Concerns? Please call us @ 1-800-721-0710  

We also offer NMLS Requirement  and NMLS CE.

DRE REQUIREMENT IS All CE Courses will be limited to completion of final examinations for a maximum of fifteen (15) credit hours during any one 24-hour period and must PASS with a Score of 70% or better. Which means all of our 30hrs CE courses will be split up into 2separate Exams 1 each day and the 15 hrs CE will be on one exam, (during the wait time you must complete the quizzes online before taking exams or exams will not be allowed to take.) After a 6 day wait time (( THE TOTAL PROCESS WILL TAKE 9 DAYS MINIMUM)) All continue education courses of study. Due to the integrity of our exams, all students taking an exam on the internet or in person must ensure under penalty of perjury that the enrolled student is completing the approved course in the allotted time and personally taking the exam. After the designated waiting period one part, per 24 hours may be taken. Any other parts taken more than once a day will be void. - to order Click HERE FOR BROKER:  . or CLICK HERE for Salesperson.

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