Renewal Courses

THE REQUIREMENT IS All CE Courses will be limited to completion of final examinations for a maximum of fifteen (15) credit hours during any one 24-hour period and must PASS with a Score of 70% or better. Which means all of our 30 hrs CE courses will be split up into 2 separate Exams 1 each day and the 15 hrs CE will be on one exam, (during the wait time you must complete the quizzes online before taking exams or exams will not be allowed to take.) After a 6 day wait time (( THE TOTAL PROCESS WILL TAKE 9 DAYS MINIMUM)) All continue education courses of study. Due to the integrity of our exams, all students taking an exam on the internet or in person must ensure under penalty of perjury that the enrolled student is completing the approved course in the allotted time and personally taking the exam. After the designated waiting period one part, per 24 hours may be taken. Any other parts taken more than once a day will be void. We use Accredited Real Estate Schools, Inc Continuing Education Sponsor # 4183 - to order: for broker. or  for salesperson